The expertise that was lacking in your industrial enterprise


A PCM Comissionamento Ltda., founded in 2002, was developed with the aim of filling a market gap, which was the Commissioning of industrial units based on a modern, fully computerized management model to meet market needs with quality, lower cost and within deadlines, focused on consistent, viable and complete planning for all stages including startup.

In 2010, PCM Comissionamentojoined forces with EGT having a successful partnership until December 2016. PCM Comissionamento is now going from strength to strength and focusing more on the management of the MC&C commissioning model.  

We ensure that commissioning stage activities will be carried out, with complete personal and equipment safety up to the start-up date while providing operational reliability in the ramp-up.


The globalized market and its constant and rapid changes require companies to constantly seek improvement so that their systems and processes become more and more competitive.

Marco Vaz, managing partner in PCM Comisionamento was responsible for the implementation and dissemination of the Commissioning Management Model in Brazil and has developed the PCMsys software for managing commissioning , which ensured the success of several industrial enterprises in the country. He is the author of the book “Melhores Práticas de Comissionamento” (Best Commissioning Practices, and sets the benchmark Brazil.

The entire company’s team is committed to the results and to always showing the best direction to follow. This is the best way to guarantee the customer’s loyalty, confidence and satisfaction at PCM Commissionamento.


Commissioning takes place at the end of construction, where economic, financial and commercial pressures are more stressful and impactful. It is when the errors and flaws of the enterprise are inexcusable. PCM Comissionamento, a company specializing in commissioning, along with an appropriate, complete management model, with trained professionals is here to organize and control the delivery of the enterprise to the operation, ensuring all the personal safety of the professionals involved in the project.

The scope of the PCM Comissionamento services includes:

Management of commissioning overseeing;

Execution of commissioning;

Licensing of the software PCMsys.


The MC&C commissioning model, followed by PCM Comissionamento, can be described through the following procedures and stages:


Drafting of the Commissioning Plan and Detailing od execution, including:

Demarcation of commissioning packages;

Schedule of commissioning packages;

Timetable of commissioning packages; Verification and alignment of engineering/supplier documents, preparing the scope of field work in the management software PCMsys for all stages of commissioning;

Preparation of package commissioning procedures;

Programming, monitoring and control of execution for mechanical completion, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.


In this stage, 100% of mechanical completion items (items tagged and untagged by the project) in all the areas, such as mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, etc., are executed and/or validated through mechanical completion protocols, that is, the quality of assembly is confirmed using test protocols and static verifications of the installations, as per relevant project specifications, norms and designs.


Pre-commissioning tests are performed by energizing the tagged items and definitive components from the project, which include: communications and configurations of the control system, control loops, interlocking, uncoupled electrical motors and hydraulic units or lubrication.


Commissioning testing is performed by subsystems (commissioning package) defined as:

TESTS WITHOUT LOAD: tests of integrated commissioning subsystems involving equipment, instruments and components without any type of load (product).

TESTS WITH LOAD: tests of integrated commissioning subsystems with load present (product).


It is the end of the transition process for delivery to the client, whereby all support necessary for the operationality and familiarization of equipment and installations is provided, minimizing risk in the implantation of new technologies and ensuring the ideal conditions for the transfer of the technology involved in the regimen, until the client can take full control of activities with their own team.


Below, we highlight our main competitive differentials:


Ensure clients and project managers are provided with the means to make timely managerial decisions to recover occasional delays in construction and assembly, not permitting delays to the enterprise’s start-up date. For PCM Comissionamento, delays in assembly that cause the postponement of the start-up are unacceptable.


Our own team of professionals trained in the MC&C model ensuring that at the end of construction and assembly, the ramp-up will begin, without the need for extra time for the execution of commissioning, which normally occurred in projects. For PCM Comissionamento, extra time and extended deadlines for verifications and tests, after the conclusion of assembly, are unacceptable.


Powerful, commissioning management software ready to use in any segment such as: Mining, Oil and Gas, metallurgy, among others. For this reason, PCMsys ensures a reduction in time and costs compared to other non-customized systems.