Investing in one of the most important parts of the company


One of the most important parts of the engine that drives a company is the employees, since it is they who represent the company to clients.

To achieve excellence in serving our clients, PCM Comissionamento boasts the Commissioning Training PCM Center,, which provides company employees with constant enhancement and updating on commissioning best practices, which enables them to gain practical experience of all stages of an industrial enterprise project.

Composed of specialists with vast market experience, the Commissioning Training PCM Center, helps our employees to always be capable of meeting market demands with appropriate, effective solutions that fully satisfy the end client.

01. Facilitator inputs flaws • 02. Rack with workstation • 03. Bench with 4 workstations for electrical installations • 04. Structure with 4 workstations (isle) • 05. Electronically-Controlled Industrial Installations Panel • 06. Lights and Power Outlets Installation Panel • 07. Distribution Systems and Protection Devices • 08. Panel for Auto Correction of Power Factor • 09. Students may take tests on different workstations


Training is specific, practical and geared towards producing highly qualified professionals.  

BLOCK I • Commissioning Management Model.

The main goal is to work on the conceptual bases inherent to the MC&C commissioning model (Mechanical Completion and Commissioning), aligning concepts and methodologies that will be discussed throughout the course, commissioning strategies, preservation of equipment and systems focusing on mechanical completion, execution of commissioning activities through functional and performance tests, as well as unit start-up in planning and implementing the management and coordination of system and installation transfer, with operability guaranteed.

BLOCK II • PCMsys Software

This block aims to ensure the PCMsys commissioning management software, including system configuration, loading of engineering data, creation of commissioning systems and subsystems, commissioning timetable, generation, control and analysis of management reports, hierarchy with passwords and levels of access, traceability and reliability of the system, that is, all the software’s resources.

BLOCK III • Specialized Commissioning Courses

In order to enhance the knowledge of employees regarding commissioning best practices, PCM, along with its partners, offers specific, practical training geared towards producing highly qualified professionals. The following training is worth highlighting: Configuration of Hart Instruments, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA; Commissioning of Networks, Commands and Hydraulic/Pneumatic Automation, Parameterization of relays, among others.